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February 07, 2014



That's is an amazing digest of the crazy business we are in! Thank you!

Deborah Reardon

Nice post!
My Niece goes to Kenyon.
Very appreciative of your comment with SINC

David Brower

Beautifully stated and right on the mark. Thanks for sharing and articulating these issues, and for the link. I plan on sharing that link with a number of people who would profit from this explication and otherwise might not see it.


Great explanation on bookstore pricing! We do not even have the option of using Amazon; however, this is something that I would love to give to my instructors that insist on telling students to go online instead of supporting the bookstore.

Christy Hart

Hey, Jim,

Can I use parts of this in a letter to my faculty? I will use your name, of course!

Jerri Lynn Lyddon

Wow! Great article...I now have more ammunition to feed our students when I hear, "but I can get it cheaper on-line". Thank you for sharing...I would like to share this with my administration!

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