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November 09, 2013


Lelia Taylor

Sigh. Since I no longer have a store, my credibility has suffered so I don't speak out about this sort of thing very much but I truly don't understand why so many people think we all have to just accept that Amazon is the answer to everything. I still love print books but have also grown very fond of ebooks. I'm glad, though, that I left before this whole battle began.

I will say that I'm happy the ABA set things up with Kobo when Google fell by the wayside but there's one big flaw with Kobo's program. I have a Nook but buy a fair amount from Kobo so I thought I'd start buying through a local indie...until I found out I couldn't use my existing Kobo account. I don't want two accounts and two libraries and I don't see why they can't find a way to do away with that restriction. I suspect this is at least one reason the program hasn't been gangbusters for most shops.

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