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February 24, 2013


sharan newman

Well said. I was pleased that Bagwyn books (part of Arizona Stste) decided to give a higher discount to independent bookstores than Amazon, thus making the playing field a bit less rocky. I wonder if more small publishers would consider that.

Barbara Fister

Transparency around terms of sale would be a good thing for small businesses and for consumers, no? In academic libraries, we have vendors of incredibly expensive licensed databases insisting librarians sign non-disclosure agreements and (in one case) even going to court when a scholar researching prices filed a FOIA request for the records of costs at public institutions. The judge, fortunately, found the publisher's objection to disclosing public costs pretty laughable. And more and more librarians are refusing to agree to shoot themselves in the foot.

What's discouraging about putting these issues off limits is that we can't solve them. And that's just going to put some poison into the relationship you're trying to build.

Though I can see some gun-shy feelings about DOJ conspiracy theories, transparency can't be a problem unless it's only for a few and behind closed doors. Bring it on, I say.

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