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August 11, 2012


Ronald Tierney

Glad I check in from time to time. Thanks for the post. The introduction of new technology has rarely ever eliminated anything, but quite often changes them. I suspect it will take time to sort all of this out. When it is, something else will come along. With books, however, it remained so much the same for so long, this is difficult and painful and exciting. In the end, I agree, we will have books on paper for a long time to come.

Maureen A. Mulligan

Jim: "And readers? Readers have to decide what they want the marketplace to look like. At the end of the day, this business is driven by your dollars. Whether we're talking about the dollars you spend on books or tax dollars that go to your local library, you have all the power there is to support the market for books.

"Books are not so big an industry that a change in the behavior of a relatively small number of customers will go unnoticed. I guarantee you that for most community booksellers, the decision of even just two or three individuals to buy their books elsewhere...on any given day makes a difference."
Jim, may I please post this on my FB site? You have said it so well. I agree so totally.
I cannot imagine a land where one cannot wander into any given town and discover an independent bookstore with the unique personalities of the booklovers who founded it waiting with its treasures. (And a friendly diner, coffee/tea house or pub to find a table, drop off the planet, hide-out and read for a bit! :^) Every purchase counts.

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