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November 16, 2011


Maureen A. Mulligan

This is such an excellent example (and description) of a true labor of love, Jim. Thank you for sharing it, and it also shows the love and dedication in all the authors' signings within the bookstores also and why it is the only honorable thing to do to buy the books from the stores and not online. I am selfish and like to be treated with friendliness so I like the whole experience of having a nice bookseller hand the book to me, smiling, and offering me a bookmark. Just as "A dollar is a vote," a "Thank you" with a smile is a sincere invitation to return. Neither of which can be communicated with warmth online. I enjoy shopping by phone if there is a friendly voice at the other end, taking time to chat a bit, and if the book arrives with a bookmark or a business card with a "Thank you" on it, the book is welcomed to my little personal library all the more heartily as it was sent by a happy booklover! Sometimes a bookseller will take my # and call back, because they are already with a customer, that's fine, of course. Sorry for rambling. Thanks for the post!(*;*)

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